Even More Jesus

A few times in the history of craft beer it has happened that a highly praised beer rises beyond mortal stardom into a higher godly league. Usually the recipe to make such heavenly drops is thick fudge-like body, pitch black color, amazingly overwhelming aromas of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits and muscovado sugar, obviously only made in limited amounts and most crucial of all – it must taste rare!

Brewed at Fanø Bryghus, Denmark.


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Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition

Black Eyed King Imp returns in this Vietnamese coffee edition of an epic barrel-aged imperial stout.

Oh. And this is the world’s strongest ever canned beer.

At 12.7% ABV, Black Eyed King Imp is a super intense and twistedly complex brew, with intense notes of sweet vanilla, rich espresso, smooth molasses and bitter chocolate barely contained by the metal wrapped around it. We’ve ransacked the barrel store to blend some of our favourite aromas and flavour infusions into this massive monster of a beery beast!

Malts: Black , Chocolate, Dark Crystal, Extra Pale, Roasted Barley, Smoked, Wheat

Hops: Cascade, Columbus


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Tokyo* (16.5%)

A new Tokyo* recipe was created in 2014 to produce a lower ABV at 16.5%. The 18.2% caused a lot of stress on the yeast. With the new recipe we have created a beer that ferments better and is packed full of more flavour than the original.

Tokyo* is a beer inspired by a 1980’s space invaders arcade game played in Japan’s capital.

The irony of existentialism, the parody of being and the inherent contradictions of post-modernism, all so delicately conveyed by the blocky, pixelated arcade action have all been painstakingly recreated in this bottles contents.

This imperial stout is brewed with copious amounts of speciality malts, jasmine and cranberries. After fermentation we then dry-hop this killer stout with a bucketload of our favourite hops before carefully ageing the beer on French toasted oak chips.

It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times.

Marris Otter, Dark Crystal, Caramalt, Chocolate Malt, Roast Barley.



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Madiba Imperial

Birra scura ad alta fermentazione. Aroma di caffè, cioccolato e frutti di bosco, con un corpo medio e discreta morbidezza.


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Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS)

Canadian Breakfast Stout is an Imperial Stout brewed with a blend of coffees and imported chocolates, then aged in spent bourbon barrels that have most recently been aging pure Michigan maple syrup.


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